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Property Watch - October

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Posted: Tuesday, November 27, 2012 12:28 pm | Updated: 12:29 pm, Tue Nov 27, 2012.

Bogue Banks & area property transfers as recorded at the Carteret County Register of Deeds office during October 2012.*

Atlantic Beach

Elizabeth Gebhardt to Page Feudale, 1918 W. Fort Macon Road, $91,500.

Terry and Karen Fisher to Richard and Betty Ray, 2008 E. Fort Macon Road, $120,000.

Wayne and Sharon Pastirik to Glen and Stephanie Knichel, 1904 E. Fort Macon Road, $132,000.

Donald and Elizabeth Newman to Patrick and Lesley Nunn, 319 Fairview St., $181,000.

William and Nancy McClure to Elvin and Marilyn Pease, E. 301 Commerce Way Road, $240,000.

Timothy Lamm to Johnny and Renea Baker, 111 Sound Drive, $281,000.

Hazel Cannon to Joseph and Karen Smith, 2111 W. Fort Macon Road, $295,000.

Nancy and Thomas Reynolds, III to David and Melissa Smith, 119 Hoop Pole Creek Drive, $400,000.

Ryan and Mindi Koczot to Peter Anderson, 111 Atlantic Beach Causeway, $291,000.

Substitute Trustee Services, Inc. to William Morris, 208 E. Bogue Sound Drive, $348,000.


Gabe, LLC to Lucy Sweeting, 118 Dolphin Way Drive, $5,000.

Teresa Gillikin to Revoda Gillikin , 495 Firetower Road, $7,500.

Arthur Vanek to Sherry and Billy Beck, Jr., 2228 Hwy 101, $20,000.

Dowl Bond and Valerie Rintamaki to Matthew and Vickie Stokes, Carolina Marlin Club Marina Slip #26, $68,000.

Michael and Krista Celia to Marlan and Evelyn Murphy, 2674 Hwy 70, $78,000.

Edward and Carol Piver to Josephine Lewis, 182 Copeland Road, $90,000.

Peter and Judith Ortner to Michael and Beth Thompson, 244 Rudolph Drive, $125,000.

Mill Creek Marina, LLC to Ventures Together, LLC, 2327 Lennoxville Road, $128,000.

James Thomason to Latesheca and Willis Johnson, Jr., 132 N. Harbor Drive, $200,000.

Caviness & Cates Building and Development Company to Jeremiah and Katie Belokur, 119 Radley Lane, $245,000.

Aaron Arnette and Sound Banking Company, 100 Olde Towne Yacht Club Drive #708, $250,000.

Oceanside Yacht Club Development, Inc. to Brian and Blair Wilson and Earlene May, 143 Morgan St., $250,000.

Larry and Deborah Jones to Lonnie and Kate Pollard, 205 Sycamore Drive, $288,000.

Savvy Homes, LLC to Thomas Andrejak and Tracey Nelson, 301 Hedrick St., $326,500.

Savvy Homes, LLC to Carl and Alicia Ragsdale, 300 Gordon St., $328,000.

James and Mary Baldwin to Robert and Abigail Feller, 127 Sandy Huss Drive, $370,000.

Spacey Projects Too, LLC to Anna Craft, 122 Craven St., $385,000.

E. Jane Ford to Patricia Orrange, 202 Live Oak St., $570,000.

Jean Hambright to Quentin and Lisa Lewis, 121 N. Shore Drive, $601,500.

Cape Carteret

L. Ardan Development Corporation to Stone Bay Partners, LLC, 301 & 314 Ardan Oaks Drive, $110,000.

James and Sharry Daniel to David Stokes, 237 Star Hill Drive, $232,000.

Jefferson and Patricia Dubinok to Jonathon and Michelle Cape, 135 Tifton Circle, $275,000.

Lester and Carolyn Cockrell to Charles and Kathleen Evans, 213 Taylor Notion Road, $325,000.


Gregory and Georgiana Saulmon to Marvin and Alice Moore, 796 Hwy 70, $60,000.

Emerald Isle

Brock & Scott, PLLC to Sea Oats Emerald Isle, LLC, 8722 Hammocks Court, $115,000.

First Citizens Bank & Trust Company to Bluewater Associates of Emerald Isle, 8752 Reed Drive, $115,000.

BB&T to Sheila Ladd, 4108 Emerald Drive, $139,000.

Islander Ventures of Emerald Isle, LLC to Another, LLC, 101 Islander Drive #A-118, $175,000.

Margie Dedmon to Delano and Mary Dedmon, 139 Bogue Inlet Drive, $175,000.

Gregory and Mindy Dennis to Jack and Shirley Synan, 413 Wild Cherry Lane, $232,000.

Michael and Linda Scarano to Supplement, LLC, 2510 Ocean Drive #B-1, $253,500.

Chadwick McCullen to Maul Bonavita, 9708 Dolphin Ridge Road, $261,000.

Fred and Harriet Kelner to David and Sherry Heuser, 2512 Ocean Drive #A-1, $265,000.

Ronald and Stephanie Warren to Michael and Sandra Bellanca, 206 Live Oak St., $270,000.

Demauro, LLC and Ronald and Susan Demauro to Brian and Dorothy McCrudden, 9201 Coast Guard Road #B-305, $276,000.

Mary Culbreth, Jody Winstead, Jenny Winstead, Timothy Winstead, Kinsey Winstead and Cynthia Winstead to Myra and Worth Johnson, Jr., 7502 Sandpiper Lane, $335,000.

Patrick and Mary Ryan to Marilyn Rogers, 9918 Bluff Court, $350,000.

Dewey and Mary Lou Murphy to Melody and Joseph Allegood, Jr., 101 Sand Castle Drive, $360,000.

Doris Lindsay to Henry and Carole Bailey, 111 Purdie Drive, $379,000.

Tony and Rosilyn Lett to Jeffrey and Wynelle Cartwright, 102 18th St., $404,000.

105 Ocean, LLC to 105 Ocean Drive, LLC, 105 Ocean Drive, $500,000.

Five Guys Enterprize, LLC to Brian and Tina Brickhouse, 7206 Ocean Drive, $785,000.

Deonna Dalton to John and Karen Dillinger, 100 9th St., $859,000.

Michael Lincoln to Ritchie and Marcie Creech, 3301 & 3305 Emerald Drive, $944,000.

Harkers Island

Steve McGee Construction, Inc. to William and Lisa Andrews, 543 Cape Lookout Drive, $28,000.

Carolyn Lawrence to Thomas and Ellen Edwards, 117 Liston Lane, $45,000.

Jerry and Jill Hinnant, Ronald and Cheryl Davis and Mary and Michael Dorsey to Steven and Deborah Haskins, 121 Old Ferry Dock Road, $115,000.

Frederick Guthrie and Kenneth and Amanda Johnson to Dean and Leah Bartlett , 1577 Island Road, $130,000.

REOCO, Inc. to Michael Taylor, Jr., 235 Cape Lookout Drive, $173,000.

Indian Beach

Helen Ellis to Kenneth and Martha House, 1530 Salter Path Road, $122,500.

Edwin and Caroline Judd to Thomas and Christine Jones, 855 Salter Path Road, $190,000.

Ernest and Kay Redding to Ryan and Justine Maher, 1701 Salter Path Road #202-G, $345,000.

Bernard and Ladonna James to Thad and Margueritte McDonald, 1435 Salter Path Road #H6, $575,000.

Morehead City

Andrew Evans to Streamline Builders, LLC, 1807 Olde Farm Road, $20,000.

Julie Hosley to David and Karen Horton, 1600 Razorbill Court, $42,000.

M & M Land Development, Inc. to American Homesmith, LLC, Section I-B,  Riverwatch, $42,000.

S. Gene and Naoma McClung to MGM, Inc., 3406 Country Club Road, $25,000.

Larry and Lynette Land to Malcom and Mary Garland, 2402 Marsh Tern Lane, $72,000.

C. Barrett Graham to Branch Banking and Trust Company, 402 Penny Lane #J, $79,000.

J. David and Dianne Brendle to Steven Brendle, 4109 Sound Drive, $90,000.

Charles Pake, II to Lynda Geanes, 104 Oleander Court, $125,000.

Rebecca Mihans to Duane and Patricia Mathisen, 3807 Galantis Drive, $125,500.

David and Valerie Collins to Richard and Ida Lewis, 925 N. Yaupon Tern, $130,000.

Charles and Janice Clontz and Robert and Jane Landrum to Steven Spaziante, 3729 W. Hedrick Drive, $131,500.

Dale Albrecht to Drew Albrecht, 205 Brandywine Blvd., $137,000.

Bruce and Sue Miller to Robert and Vicki Barrett, 303 Barbour Road #1004, $139,000.

Matthew and Nicole Futrell to William Donaldson, 3614 Sunny Drive, $140,000.

Charles Landen to Thomas Horne, 3804 Bridges St., $150,000.

Virginia and William Alexander, Jr. to Thomas Horne, 3804 Bridges St., $150,000.

Rodney and Lavinia Hensley to Edwin and Mary Newman and Keith and Cecelia Joyce, 108 Bay Court, $165,000.

Jonathan and Janice Kay to Jacqueline Carr, 2206 North Road, $180,000.

Ervin Holloway to Luis Herron and Cortney Thomas, 601 Robin Road, $185,000.

Walton and Conniesue Oldham to Jason and Abby Leshikar, 109 N. 7th St., $198,000.

Austin and Polly Norris to Ronald Formulak, 104 Iris Court, $220,000.

Kathleen Townsend to Michael and Kimberly Monette, 907 Lake N’ Shore Drive, $223,500.

Cynthia Hamilton to Richard and Rebecca Mihans, 4315 Havens Crest Drive, $224,000.

Adrienne and E. Lee Clark, III to Herbert Morgan, Jr., 4801 S. Shore Drive, $225,000.

Lee and Rhonda Collins to Cynthia Hamilton, 216 Lord Granville Drive, $225,000.

MGM, Inc. to Laura Landi, 3406 Country Club Road, $230,000.

Elizabeth Peters to Charles and Ann Stanley, 1508 Shackleford St., $240,000.

Nena and John Bruffey, Jr. to Scott and Maura McCoy, 1701 Calico Drive, $240,000.

Dennis and Constance Knight to Jonathan and Janice Kay, 2331 Shore Drive, $255,000.

Jeffrey and Mary Witherell to Brian and Carol Burnham, 105 Iris Court, $256,000.

Glenn and Holly Briggs and Cynthia Hamilton to Peter and Rebecca Hartman, 3117 Evans St., $300,000.

Frank Manuel and Carol Manuel to Gene and Sherri Ward, 213 Raleigh Ave., $385,000.

C. Barrett Graham to BB&T, 404 Penny Lane #D, $472,500.

James and Diana Barwick to Carol Marquerite Adcock, 702 Lands Pointe, $735,000.

M & N Enterprises, LLC to TGW, LLC, 5360 Hwy 70, $840,000.

Boddie-Noell Enterprises, Inc. to STORE Master Funding II, LLC, 5025 Executive Drive, $1,062,500.


Wayne and Kathleen Bowles to Joe and Ruby Chapman, 128 Old Ironsides Road, $6,500.

Bank of America, N.A. to Timothy Hane, 302 Lanyard Drive, $10,000.

Branch Banking & Trust Company to Gerad and Crystal Johnson, 108 Bogue Harbor Court, $10,000.

SunTrust Bank to Beverly Pham, 307 Seafarer St., $11,000.

Bank of America, NA to Phillip Owens, 206 Colleton Square, $15,000.

First Troy SPE, LLC to Nabil and Kristie Chaanine, 100 Emery Circle, $15,000.

First Troy, SPE to John and Barbara Zorovich, 410 Cutter Way, $30,500.

Margaret and Frederick Muller, Jr. to First Choice Properties & Developing, Inc., 132 Oyster Rock, $50,000.

Trustee Services of Carolina, LLC to Wells Fargo Bank, NA, 114 Longleaf Drive, $56,500.

Brock & Scott, PLLC to JP Morgan Chase Bank, NA, 739 Cannonsgate Drive, $65,500.

Nelson and Denise Champine to Judith Simon, 2837 Easy St., $65,000.

Substitute Trustee Services, Inc. to SunTrust Bank, 225 Back St., $68,000.

Grady Ingle to Ronald Nause, 101 Ole Field Circle #D, $76,000.

Beach Banking and Trust Company to Jerry and Beth Godwin, 780 Cannonsgate Drive, $79,000

First Troy SPE, LLC to J. Glenn and Joanne Whitley, 129 Greenhill Place, $82,000.

The Bank of New York Mellon to Joseph Tucker, Jr., 502 Oak Lane, $107,000.

Grady Ingle to Jackson and Carol Conner, 808 Sand Hills Drive, $109,500.

Crescent State Bank to Stef, LLC, 221 Cumberland St., 100 Ellery St. and 315, 317 & 329 Kensington Place, $114,000.

Grady Ingle to Bank of America, NA, 242 Mill Creek Road, $123,500.

Harold and Peggy Clark and David and Sheryl Waynne to Ranzer and Brandye Horne, 328 Chatham St., $142,000.

Clayton Cannon to Joe and Brenda Poston, 222 Junius Drive, $149,000.

Jackson and Carol Conner to Patricia Jones, 2617 W. Forest Drive, $149,500.

H.B. and Bessie Buchanan to Walter and Dorothy Day, 1260 Sea Gate Drive, $150,000.

Tara Cleveland to Sarah Kepley, 175 W. Cottontail Run Drive, $151,500.

Jeff and Crystal Steinkamp to Malvin Haubenstein, 544 Chatham St., $160,000

Sensational Builders, Inc. to Kevin and Andrea Barefoot, 535 Park Meadows Drive, $196,000.

James and Yvonne Pitts to William Davis, 165 Cedar Lane, $230,000.

American Homesmith, LLC to Phillip and Lynne Mitchell, 550 Pearson Circle, $244,000.

J. C. Jackson Builders, LLC to Deann Coleman, 516 Park Meadows Drive, $250,000.

The Bank of New York Mellon to Joseph and Elizabeth Grant, 235 Hickory Shores Drive, $260,000

Robert and Erika McVicker to Nancy Browning, 117 Water Lane, $399,000.

Mark Hartman to Bank of America, NA, 712 Cannonsgate Drive, $503,000.

Live Oak Road, LLC to Linda and Jimmie Foss, 185 Live Oak Road, $510,000.

Pine Knoll Shores

Michael Lincoln to George and Elizabeth Marsden, 173 Loblolly Drive, $112,000.

Kelley and Earl Wingo, Jr. to Fred and Linda Jensen, 277 Salter Path Road, $145,000.

Mable Hesmer to Holt and Donna Browning, 590 Westport Drive, $150,000.

Woodard & Daughters, Inc. to June Leland, 117 Salter Path Road #501-A, $315,000.

William and Grey Christian and Cynthia Carter to Stanley and Mary Lea, 103 Laurel Court, $323,500.

Dolores Clarke to Abigail and Donnell Guy, Jr., 149 Loblolly Drive, $335,000.

Bradford and Shawn Smith to John and Donna Granger, 401 Maritime Place, $991,000.


Trustee Services of Carolina, LLC to Bank of America, NA, 135A White Oak Bluff Road, $35,000.

New Century Homes of Jacksonville, Inc. to Derrick and Sarah Adkins, 103 Magnolia Drive, $130,000.

First Choice Properties & Developing, Inc. to Robert and Nancy Fulton, 217 White Oak Bluff Road, $233,500.

First Choice Properties and Developing, Inc. to Stephanie Wodowski, 191 White Oak Bluff Road, $251,000.

American Homesmith, LLC to Brian and Amy Mohr, 404 Stella Bridgeway Drive, $260,000.


David Shew, Jr. to William and Nanette Page, 492 VFW Road, $18,500.

Marlene and Charles Battle, III to David and Barbara Gardner, 358 Hidden Bay Drive, $50,000.

Dillard Wallace Construction Company to Tony and Stephanie Fox, 313 Silver Creek Landing Road, $65,000.

Elmer and Mary Carter to Ginger Yokley, 306 Ocean Spray Drive, $95,000.

Matthew and Amy Beasley to Jeffrey Edgerton, 202 Sea Horse Drive, $115,000.

Joanne Rinewalt to Justin and Brandie Rodriguez, 603 Bridle Court, $130,000.

Raymond Eatmon to Gerrit Dekleuver, 405 Cedar Point Blvd., $145,000.

Edith Mason to Timmy and Terri Creech, 407 Park Ave., $146,000.

T & R Builders of North Carolina, Inc. to Marcus and Sarah Novelli, 106 Kayak Court, $167,500.

Paul and Mary Metters to Steven and Leila Goodwin, 250 Bell St., $188,000.

Paul and Mary Metters to Annice Rhue and Reginald Rhue, 151 Waterway Drive, $213,000.

Coldwater Creek Development, Inc. to Stone Bay Partners, LLC, 303, 305, 307, 309, 311, 313 & 315 Echo Ridge Road, $280,000.

Stone Bay Partners, LLC to Harold Pendergrass, 109 Little Bay Drive, $320,000.

*Publisher’s Note: This data is provided as public information available to all county residents. Island Review accepts no liability for errors or omissions and has endeavored to be as accurate as possible. Price given indicates the number of tax stamps purchased at deed filing (representing $2 for $1,000 of sales price, in $500 increments) and as such, may not exactly reflect the true purchase price.

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